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Pixar      More Info

The latest news and developments about feature animated films and shorts an ...


1200 Park Avenue 94608

Finding Nemo

  Finding Nemo animated adventure about a clown fish taken by scuba divers and the adventures of his father's attempt to rescue him.

The Incredibles

  A family of undercover superheroes are forced out of retirement and back into action to save the world from disaster.

A Bug's Life

  A likeable misfit ant searches for warriors to save his colony from bully grasshoppers and recruits a small group of bugs that turn out to be only a failing circus troup.

Monsters, Inc.

  PIXAR's Monsters, Inc. is about the world of monsters and how they generate their city's power by scaring little children. Oddly enough, however, the monsters are afraid of being contaminated by the children. All is well until the two main characters accidentally bring back a little girl into Monstropolis with them.

Toy Story

  PIXAR's Toy Story is about a toy cowboy, Woody, who feels threatened and jealous when a fancy egotistical toy spaceman, Buzz Lightyear surpasses him as the top toy in their boy's bedroom.


  PIXAR's Cars is abou a hotrod animated car named Lightning McQueen. While in the way to a big race, the egotistical McQueen gets waylaid in Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family.


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